Eco Fair – April 22 to 26

Concourse Level: April 22 – 26 • 8:00am – 6:00pm

Share in the celebration of Earth Month. Shop local and meet these eco-friendly vendors & artisans.


What you’ll find: Concrete planters, trays, coasters and small jewellery dishes.
About: Homebody Collective creates whimsical home decor items out of concrete with an emphasis on ones that bring out the beauty of plant life. Every item is made locally by hand using local materials and Ontario-bought plants to support local growers and encourage a lower carbon footprint. Her designs often feature marbled effects and unique shapes to bring joy into your home.


What you’ll find: Locally-produced raw honey and infused-honey in a variety of flavours, bee pollen, beeswax foodwraps, and a whole lot of knowledge about the importance of honeybees and our ecosystem.
About: Hunnabees is a local beekeeper and producer of honey and bee-related byproducts with an emphasis on quality over quantity in their hive raising practices – a healthy and happy hive is always their main priority. They believe in the concept of permaculture – the development of agricultural ecosystems that are sustainable and self-sufficient, and aim to achieve this through their business practices. In an effort to further benefit our local ecosystem, Hunnabees plants 100 wildflower seeds for every purchase of their raw honey.


What you’ll find: A skincare line of all-natural soaps, serums, scrubs and body oils made with shea and essential oils.
About: Responsible and eco-friendly products always start with quality ingredients. Kallis Oils uses all natural shea and essential oils sourced from Africa by farmers who use non-toxic and natural farming methods. They never test on animals and only use glass bottles to limit plastic consumption and be more be sustainable.


What you’ll find: Hip hop influenced streetwear for children aged 0-4 that is made in Canada with premium eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics.
About: mui + kai is an ethical and sustainable kids fashion company created by a mom, with support from her husband; inspired by and named for their two kids. They set out to create a line that makes babies look fresh while keeping them comfortable and encourage people to move towards investing in well-made, local, sustainable and ethical fashion as much as possible. mui + kai chooses to work with sustainable fabrics like bamboo that are suited for babes’ sensitive skin and are less harmful to the environment. They use water-based, solvent-free print processes to ensure inks containing harsh chemicals don’t come in contact with kids’ skin. Everything is designed and ethically made in Canada, so you can feel good about your little ones wearing clothes made by people who are treated and paid fairly.


What you’ll find: Locally-made granolas in an assortment of flavours that are all organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, free of added sugars and keto-friendly.
About: Inspired by the Ketogenic Diet and its roots in treating ailments of the heart, lungs, brain, cancers and weight issues, the founders of Nolaa Granolaa was born out of one family’s desire to create a healthy granola snack that their son Sam (who needed a keto diet for health reasons) could eat. They work with local farmers to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients for a great taste and optimal health benefits.


What you’ll find: Linens, pillows, pouches, prints, purses, clutches and coasters with whimsical patterns made using naturally sourced cotton and screen-printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks.
About: Paula Lukey is Toronto-based textile and screen print designer who was classically trained as a graphic designer. Her love for design paved the way to create her own product line, a blend of fresh, authentic, nature-inspired, hand drawn textiles and accessories. All screen printed goods are handmade in small batches using naturally-sourced materials and eco-friendly inks.


What you’ll find: Soy candles in a variety of all-natural scents!
About: The founder of The Good Soy was a long-time candle lover with a growing concern over the chemicals and artificial fragrances released into the air by the conventional candles she frequently burned. She decided to make a change and buy candles that were free of artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients, but her search for candles that were aromatic and safe to burn, as well as elegant in design, proved more difficult than anticipated. As a result, she set out to make her own candles made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Her growing eco candle business is also socially responsible, donating a portion of all profits to a national charity each year.


What you’ll find: Handcrafted ceramic coasters, table-turning trays and classic-album wallboards made using vintage magazines, books, vinyl albums and more.
About: These friends combined their love for music and design into a truly unique business, using vintage prints to make eye-popping upcycled table & wall art. Every item is meticulously crafted with choice Canadian-made materials that have the lowest environmental impact and a lot of love. Each Upcycling It piece is authentically one-of-a-kind and never made with reprinted or reproduced images.


The Urbivore is a Toronto-based business whose goal is to make a positive impact on our planet. As avid yogis, they wanted to create a non-toxic, sustainable alternative mat to be used for yoga practice, and began creating cork mats. Their cork mats are superior to conventional rubber mats for a lot of reasons!
– Natural waxes in cork actually improve grip on the mat, especially when wet, which is great for hot yoga
– Free of PVC’s and other harmful chemicals
– Naturally antibacterial to keep your mat smelling fresh
– Highly durable

The are also proud supporters of the One Tree Planted initiative – every purchase provides $1 donation to the organization, and results in 1 tree planted.