June 3 - July 5

Exchanging Glances – Images of Two Cultures

Allen Lambert Galleria
Exchanging Glances – Images of Two Cultures

Brazil-Canada Photo Exhibition
June 3 – July 5

The photographic exhibition captures the work of two photographers, Brazilian born Ana Rodrigues and Canadian born Robert DiVito. Each artist was challenged to portray the each other’s city through photography – Rio de Janeiro and Toronto. The result is a puzzle of two effervescent centres of culture and art that highlights the beauty, joy and diversity of its inhabitants. The exchange of experiences allows the viewer to share their vision and broaden the knowledge of both cultures.

Presented by The Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada.

Artist Statements:

Exchanging Glances Toronto Ana Rodrigues

ANA RODRIGUES, Photographer

Toronto is a new city, with people from all over the world, in every block it heard several languages. A true cultural mix and as such, it seemed to me a city without many preconceptions, as if everybody there were open to the new. The city I met was the one of the tour guides and the one in which the residents live. Toronto, to me, has the taste of a thousand cuisines and sun-burning sensation on a beach on Lake Ontario. A City that made me feel at home from the first moment, where everything seemed comfortably familiar.

Exchanging Glances ROBERT DIVITO

ROBERT DIVITO, Photographer

The experiential point of view is a powerful one. It can shape the way we see the world and is often times a singular vision that forms opinion. We can take that perspective and change it completely simply by looking at the same subject from another vantage point. Both in camera and in mind. It is through this process that we begin to experience the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, nuances that colour the fabric of everyone around us and their personal experience. These images challenged my preconceived vision of a place and people I did not know. It is through this blank canvas and alternative lens that I came to experience Rio de Janeiro for the fist time.

2019-06-03 9:00:00 2019-07-05 9:00:00 America/Toronto Exchanging Glances – Images of Two Cultures The exhibition highlights the work of two photographers, Ana Rodrigues and Robert DeVito. Brookfield Place - Allen Lambert Galleria Brookfield Place