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November Wellness Calendar

Brookfield Place
Brookfield Place Cleveland Clinic Virtual wellness sessions


Live Stream Yoga Classes
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 12:30pm – 1:00pm

Join us for a series of complimentary classes from the comfort of your own home. The LIVE stream yoga classes will be led by Naturally Nora. These sessions are geared towards all levels. All you need is yoga mat. Just find a comfortable place in your home and use your smartphone or computer to stream the sessions. Access the yoga sessions on the myB Tenant App, Bay Wellington Tower Channel.

Weekly Health Tips • Wednesdays

Achieving better health has never been easier thanks to our wellness partners at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Get expert tips on topics such as nutrition, stress, sleep, fitness, heart health and injury prevention every week on the App. Access the health tips on the myB Tenant App, Bay Wellington Tower Channel.

Practice Yoga Online Anytime!

Continue your practice from anywhere at any time! Our resident yoga instructor, Naturally Nora has pre-recorded three, all levels yoga videos that can be accessed through her YouTube channel. Flow with Nora at any time and choose between a variety of class options depending on how you are feeling that day. Namaste.

30-minute Restorative Yoga Flow Class – ALL LEVELS
A slower paced, restorative yoga flow class that gently moves you through hip and shoulder openers to relieve stiff and sticky joints.

40-minute Rejuvenating Yoga Flow Class – ALL LEVELS
This practice will cultivate heat in the body and keep your mind focused on your breath and body as you move through the sequence. Towards the end you will feel a calmness throughout the nervous system, allowing you to ultimately relax the mind.

60-minute Vinyasa Power Flow Class – ALL LEVELS
An all levels power flow class to challenge the body and stimulate the muscles. It begins with breath work to help settle the mind and tune into the body. The remainder of the class helps you generate heat and sweat while emphasizing work on the core and lower body.

Access the video links on the myB Tenant app, Bay Wellington Tower Channel.


Express Care® Online – Special Rate for Brookfield Tenants

Skip the waiting room. The Express Care® Online app allows you or your loved ones to get a diagnosis and prescription virtually, from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. On-demand appointments are available 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. Whether you have the flu, allergies or are worried about COVID-19 symptoms, Cleveland Clinic Canada can help. Visit their e-shop and use promo code BKFDPLCE to receive $50 off the membership rate.

You have a cold. Now what?

You’re living your life, feeling energetic and productive, and along comes a tiny, invisible rhinovirus — the predominant cause of the common cold. Boom! The symptoms that lay you flat are often your body’s way of fighting the virus. Here’s how to reduce the misery — and potentially help your body defend against the next bug:
• Eat soup, drink tea. Among the many things your grandma was right about? Chicken soup. All warm liquids can ease congestion, but research suggests that chicken soup has a leg (or a drumstick?) up on the others. Tea — any type — is also beneficial, so get your kettle ready.
• Don’t skimp on sleep. Your immune system thrives on sufficient shut-eye — for both recovery and prevention. In fact, research shows that shortchanging sleep makes you more susceptible to colds.
• Don’t let green mucus scare you. Contrary to popular belief, green mucus is common with viral infections — not just bacterial infections that may require an antibiotic. Get a diagnosis from your doctor.
• Wash hands well (and a lot). A quick in-and-out under the faucet isn’t going to keep pesky germs away. Instead, get your hands wet, lather all over with soap, scrub for 20 seconds (it’s longer than you think!), rinse, and dry.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Getting the care you need has never been easier. Schedule a virtual visit for Cleveland Clinic Canada services including nutrition, personal training, sports medicine, foot care, sports rehabilitation and Executive Health. Browse your virtual care options and purchase online today

Kudos to you for prioritizing your health!

PLEASE NOTE: These wellness activities are complimentary and exclusive to tenants of Brookfield Place. Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Brookfield Place and Cleveland Clinic Canada reserve the right to cancel if minimum registration is not achieved.

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